• Provide proper content with unique articles about your business.
  • Search engine maximization with frequently updated and relevant content.
  • Expand your audience through sharing, tagging, content and ‘Likes’
  • Adding Apps to Fan (Business) Page.
  • Research & connect to networks, both personal and business networks.
  • Content is important, but only a small piece of the overall puzzle.
  • It is the network that counts (content is just food to feed that network).
  • Constant Contact so you don’t have to.
  • Connecting to other bloggers’ networks.
  • Connecting you with other blogs and networks, increasing traffic & overall numbers.
  • Adding legitimate followers (customers who are interested in their specific services).
  • Charity.

Content for Blogs

  • Blog hosting included in the price.
  • Relevant information provided on a regular basis via your blog.
  • Content is created to engage a network of followers with the intent that they participate and share that information.

Social Networking

  • Facilitating a social presence for you and your business via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Research and Development of content.
  • Developing a social network for your prospective clients as well as current clients.


  • Tagging and infrastructure to blogs.
  • Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing rank blogs according to many metrics including continuous relevant content, click through rates and linking.

Google Analytics Monthly Report

  • Quantify how many members of your network interacted with your custom tailored system.
  • Data on interaction, groups and response.
  • Quantify business activity from those engaged in your social network.
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